Frequently Asked Questions




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    Why are Danzz shoes better than other competitor shoes?

    As you know, every year many people around the world suffer from many foot problems, such as flatfoot or high arches, heel spurs, severe blister-like wounds, even in cases of severe back pain and neck pain, and many other problems due to lack of care in buying standard shoes. (Today, Canada and America are involved in these problems). Danzz group tries to minimize these problems in the field of producing comfortable and beautiful shoes by designing stylish, fashionable and up-to-date shoes along with fully personalized insole design. These insoles are produced by 3D printers and exactly match the soles of the feet.

    Can Danzz shoes be used for diabetics?

    Due to having special medical insoles, Danzz shoes are specially made according to the shape and form of each person's feet, and considering that the feet of these patients get sore very quickly and there is a lot of sensitivity about their feet, our shoes will definitely be more useful and efficient than the normal shoes available in the market.

    Don't the insoles of Danzz shoes make the inner space of the shoes tight?

    The answer to this question is definitely no. The space inside medical shoes is generally tight due to the placement of the insoles, and as a result, they cause more fatigue and damage to people. In designing and making shoe tree of all shoes, we will definitely consider more space for the feet to fit comfortably and we try to do all these things according to the high experience of the Danzz group and comply with the latest global standards, especially in Canada and America.

    Medical shoes mostly do not look beautiful, how about Danzz shoes?

    One of the biggest positive and important points of Danzz products is observing this key and very important point. We believe that Danzz shoes will definitely fill the gap in the global market between fashionable and beautiful shoes with comfortable and medical ones.

    What is the superiority of the material of Danzz shoes compared to other shoes in the market?

    In the manufacturing and designing of these shoes, we try to use the best natural leather with the highest quality in terms of color and construction, according to the high experience of the Danzz group.

    Due to high breathability and permeability of leather, the feet do not sweat inside the shoes and do not smell bad, especially in the hot seasons of the year, and keep the heat inside the shoes in the cold seasons. Also, shoes with uppers and linings which is made of natural leather, last longer, and this is more economically attractive for the consumer.

    Can custom insoles be suitable for high heels?

    The insoles produced by Danzz are completely customized and are produced with the help of scanning technology and 3D printers, and are suitable for different types of shoes. Personalized insoles can be placed and worn in high heels due to the fact that they are produced to fit each person's feet perfectly.


    What is the reason that the feet are not the same size?

    The natural position of the human body is not completely symmetrical. For example, the accumulation of organs is slightly more on the right side of the body. In general, in the human body, the right foot is slightly larger than the left foot, which is normal. Of course, this inequality is usually not enough to disrupt daily activities.

    When is the best time of the day to buy shoes?

    It is very important at what time of the day and night you buy shoes. The reason for this is that the size of the foot changes at different times of the day and night. The best time to buy shoes is in the evening. In the evening, the size of the feet becomes half a size larger than at other times of the day. So, in order to avoid the problem of tight shoes, choose to buy shoes in the evening.

    Since most people's feet are not the same size, Danzz personalized insoles are the best solution.

    What are the side effects of wearing non-medical shoes?

    In case of wearing medical shoes, the following can be mentioned:

    Flatfoot, high arches, mallet or hammer toe, heel spurs, blistering of the fingers, bending of the fingers, occurrence of chronic back, joint or pain, occurrence of heel pain, occurrence of premature fatigue and ...

    The feet is not a fixed object and bends and straightens when you walk. In this case, the shoes you choose must go perfectly with your feet. Danzz produces shoes that are completely compatible with customers' feet by designing fully customized insoles.

    Who should use medical shoes?

    The most important function of shoes is to protect the feet and prevent them from getting injured. But unfortunately, many shoes hurt the feet. Improper shoes are one of the important causes of many foot diseases that cause diseases such as mallet or hammer toe, Bunions, corns, blisters, heel spurs, gout and etc. But with the use of Danzz shoes, you can correct the flatfoot, high arches, deviation of the heel and knees to the sides.